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Emir Boscatto, Sir Peter

Sir Peter is tuxed and ready to head out to the New Year’s Gala they are attending but not his partner, Emir Boscatto. And, to make matters worse, Sir Peter receives a notification that their chauffeur is running 40 minutes…

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Dani Robles, Nicholas Bardem

In his MAP debut, Nicholas Bardem is a marketing professor changing careers and leaving teaching behind him. After Nicholas streams his last online lesson, Dani Robles, who will be taking over Nicholas’ classes, sits behind the camera and makes a…

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Massimo Piano, Robbie Rojo

Massimo Piano and Robbie Rojo are more like buddies than co-workers at the same firm, oftentimes playing pranks on each other. But today, Massimo takes his pranking to a whole new level, conveniently ‘forgetting’ to tell a rain-soaked Robbie about…

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