Johnny’s hips don’t lie as he clenches before shooting……is it a goal?

Johnny's hips don't lie as clenches before it a goal?
Johnny’s hips don’t lie as he clenches before shooting……is it a goal?

We’ve got another well matched pairing with Christian and Johnny. Johnny takes his time as he devours and deep throats Christian, inching his way down further and further around his thick warm longneck. Passions heat up steady as Johnny takes a seat right in Christian’s lap. Johnny bounces and glides on Christian’s greasy shaft, whipping his hips and ass muscles to clench with every pump of pleasure. Watch the full episode here or click photo above for full sized gallery……


  1. Stick around honey cos I just had a bag load of other websites that promise the earth and cum up with not much else……..I am busy updating as we speak but if you wanna get first hit on anything then signup to the email or to RSS….then you are on the hotlist for the hot gossips….and I promise a couple more…..juicy goo’s as well…….(quick plug there boy love your site too). Links are at the bottom and best of al they are totally 100% free………

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    • Well kind words…..let me know gets your dick ticking if that is what you are interested in……and i will try my best to serve……..keep in touch. Patrick

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